Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Image source: Disruptiveadvertising

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, there isn’t one strategy that suits all types of businesses. The success of any strategy has a lot to do with context. 

In order to find the right marketing strategy for your business, you need to consider things such as the industry you’re in, the products you sell, what your prospective customers are accustomed to, and even the types of regulations preventing you from exercising certain marketing practices. 

Having said that, it’s still possible to make use of a few timeless techniques that are proven to work effectively for all eCommerce companies. Follow the steps below to bring in tons more traffic to your website and increase your sales. 

Effective ECommerce Marketing Strategy

Step #1: Determine Your Sales Cycle – You need to know how long it takes for customers to purchase products on your site. This will help you in creating the perfect eCommerce marketing strategy for your business as well as knowing which platforms to focus your advertising and promotions on. 

Step #2: Optimize the Checkout Process – If you want to decrease cart abandonment, it’s important that you make your checkout process as simple, smooth, and as quick as possible. Make your buttons clear and easy to find, and if you can, try to get all the information on one page. 

Step #3: Craft Helpful Product Descriptions – This is beneficial to both customers and the search engines. For instance, a size guide on an apparel store will help cut down the number of returns. Also, include keywords in your descriptions to boost your SEO and increase your business’s visibility online.  

Step #4: Leverage Retargeting – Almost 98% of first-time visitors don’t convert, and that’s why it’s vital for your eCommerce business to make use of retargeting strategies so you can capture those sales. You can use ads on other sites or email marketing campaigns to entice customers to return to your site. 

Step #5: Personalize Buying Experiences – Customers prefer stores that are dedicated to helping them make the perfect product choices, so make sure that your eCommerce store offers a personalized buying experience for your customers and they’ll love coming back to your store again and again!